By Shane Pinnegar

I think it is amazing and wonderful that our Australian government are contradicting some of the core elements of its principals in order to provide “stimulus” (aka handouts, which are normally an anathema to the right wing Liberals) during this Covidpocalypse. It is a move which should be loudly applauded – a lot of people might lose everything without that.

BUT before you start thinking what great statesmen these people are, it’s important to remember what they are NOT doing.

They are not including casual employees who haven’t been with one employer for over twelve months. That’s a LOT of employees – Labour says around 1.1 million. What are they going to do? Struggle, that’s what. They aren’t including people here on a temporary visa who cannot get back to their home country. They’re refusing to release people in detention on Manus and similar places. They are point blank refusing to restore funding to the ABC which they recently slashed. They are still giving big business massive bailouts, yet in response to performance arts practically begging for 800+ million to help, they were granted a massive (*ahem*) 27 million bucks. Disability  support pensioners and carers have had no increase to their allowances, unlike all JobSeeker recipients.

Lest we conveniently forget, only three weeks ago Scotty From Marketing was emphatically refusing to even consider the idea of a wage subsidy. Thank goodness the unions did something good this time!

So, the Australian Federal Liberal government haven’t magically become nice caring n’ sharing people overnight – they are only doing what they have to (perhaps what they are forced to do, in some instances), and the bare minimum of it, at that. I have no doubt that amid much gnashing of teeth behind closed doors, they are disgusted at what they probably perceive is socialism gone mad.

Before you make the mistake of thinking “ScoMo & Co are great statesmen after all” and plan to vote for them next election, remember all those who they aren’t helping. Remember that this economic support package would not have happened had they not been forced into it. Remember that the moment this is all over, they will revert to the same nepotistic, greedy scumbags devoid of sympathy or empathy for the Australian people they are supposed to represent. They have been this way for as long as I can recall and no matter what you think or how grateful you are that you will not lose your house, they still don’t care about you or I. Remember that they are responsible for so many crimes already and will be for more before they are voted out.

I am NOT a Labour voter, to clarify, I judge the landscape of each election to decide who to vote for, but I would vote for the “tear your testicles off with a bear trap” party rather than vote our Federal Government back into power.

I have been extremely impressed with Labour’s Anthony “Albo” Albanese, who has proven himself more of a statesman than ScoMo will ever be. I also interviewed him a few years ago when he was an official Ambassador for Record Store Day Australia – he’s a rocker, and that’s something to believe in.

I’ve also developed a lot of respect for Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan, who has shown remarkable, forward thinking leadership and independence and compassion under ineffable pressure.

I certainly feel that these two are more “of the people” and “for the people” than literally ANY member of the current Federal regime.

I still don’t know if I wil be eligible for the recently announced JobKeeper package. I am hoping I don’t fall through the cracks, but I half expect that I might. Fingers are crossed and I am enjoying the Easter break at home with my lovely wife, Lady Boomboom, Ziggy and our new babypooch Maisie. Time will tell, and you can’t change time.

Au revoir, my little chicken noodle soups. Stay at home, be kind, rock on.


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