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Shane Pinnegar has been many things in his fifty-something years.

May 2020

From awkward teen and IT Help Desk guru (have you turned it off and on again?); he backpacked through Europe and North America enjoying misadventures at every turn; indulged his creativity and passion for food by working as a chef in five countries; ran his boutique catering and hot sauce company for sixteen years (about six too many, he says); became a father and, with the right person a little later, a husband.

He’s interviewed and reviewed many of Australia and the world’s biggest, brightest and best musos for his own 100% ROCK MAGAZINE [ Click here ], as well as X-Press Magazine, Around The Sound, The Music, Music Feeds, The Beat and The Brag magazines as a rock n’ roll (and movies, and books) journalist. He loves cheesy ‘80s pop almost (but not quite) as much as gonzo, over the top ‘80s heavy metal, filthy street punk, voodoo blues, sleazy dirt rock and red wine.

Now writing fiction in the gold mining town of Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, he lives with his wife Lady Boomboom, slightly anxious 4-year-old Staffy Ziggy, and 4-month-old sharpei Maisie, both of whom boast selective hearing and an unhealthy disregard for authority almost as impressive as Shane’s own.

Shane self-published his first novel, Jada: Mountain Warrior, in July 2019. It’s an uplifting YA (Young adult) fantasy pitching humans against monsters with a positive message about finding the courage within us all.

His second novel is a science fiction private investigator adventure yarn with a scathing political edge and a healthy pinch of Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Universe-styled comedy. It should be published in late 2020.

He has multiple, genre-straddling projects in development including a rock n’ roll adventure story full of mayhem and murder and more besides, a story that might be about outback desert magic, and an ultra-violent tale about supernatural sibling assassins. He can’t wait to find out how they end.


“I like stories with a surprising twist, stories that surprise the reader a little bit,” he explains. “Most of all, I like stories and characters that are uplifting, and full of spirit – even if they’re dark, conflicted, troubled. Aren’t we all, a little bit?”

Right now, Shane is publishing some of his creepy, Gothic short stories. They may end up becoming an anthology at a later date, but for now you can find them and his other stories exclusively at BARK SIDE BOOKS.

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Shane is a member of the Australian Society of Authors.

Most of all, stay safe, and be excellent to each other.


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