Greetings and felicitations, folks,

As many of you know, it’s been an extremely busy July for me – and in case you were unsure, yep, I know it’s August and this newsletter is ‘fashionably late.’

Not only July bring yet another birthday (they seem to be coming around faster every year!), I had an extended visit from one of my best friends which proved very diverting, went back to chef work (as a “culinary prostitute” as I often call it), but the biggest news was……..

My debut novel, Jada: Mountain Warrior, was finally published, and the paperback copies have been shipped to everyone who purchased through my crowd funding presale, and a bunch of orders since. Ebooks are mostly out, and the Kindle version is available for sale on Amazon (link below in case you want to share it with anybody 😊 ) I do have a bonus Jada story almost finished and that will shortly be with everyone who purchased the appropriate perk level in the crowdfunding campaign.

I can’t thank everyone enough for purchasing a copy, or throwing down a little (or a lot) of cash to help me realise this dream. It is sincerely appreciated.

A few people have started sending me pictures of themselves with Jada from around the world – and that is amazing! It’s so exciting to see a copy of my book in Canada, France, England, The US and right here in good old Aussieland. If you would like to feature in my Jada gallery, just send a photo of yourself (or your kids, or dog, or whoever!) with your copy of Jada: Mountain Warrior and I will share it around. Lady Boomboom and I love these fantastic photos, it really is so encouraging to see this sort of response, thankyou all so very much.

I’ve started to get a few people PM that they enjoyed the book – thankyou so much! But don’t just tell me – tell your FaceyFriends, and your family, and your work colleagues. In fact – even better than that, if you can spare a minute or two, hit one of the links below and leave an online review as a comment on my website, or on Amazon, or on Goodreads.

Every good review helps someone new find the book and every new sale helps afford me the freedom to find a little extra time to edit my second novel, hopefully to be published in November. Exciting news on that front is that I officially started editing that novel today and got a solid 10% done, and although I am biased, I think it’s reading splendidly and it’s going to be loads of fun and an exciting and humourous read for all.

Oh that reminds me – there’s an excerpt from the first chapter of that book in the back of Jada – has anyone had the chance to read that yet? Let me know what you think!

And I have even had a few people ask for the sequel to Jada. Phew – well, let me get this next one done first, then I will see if Jada wants to tell me some more of her story. Maybe!

My websites – and were out of action for a couple of weeks due to, firstly, a malicious malware attack, and then some very shady and/or incompetent dealings from a succession of hosting providers. Pretty sure they know how rubbish they are when they offer up full refunds for their services after a week of doing next to nothing. I’m confident we have found a comfortable new home at GreenGeeks which will provide what we need, but sincere apologies to anyone who experienced inconvenience during our infuriatingly extended downtime.

Amazon Kindle version of Jada
Website, including link to purchase paperback
Goodreads Jada page for reviews

Although the websites were down for half of the month, I managed to post a few interesting things. At the start of July I started writing about my 2009 Rock Pilgrimage trip to the U.S., and although it won’t be in line with the actual anniversary any more, I will continue that thread soon.

I drew on ten years of interviewing rock stars and more, and sat myself down to do an ‘interview selfie’! You can read it here —

Have an excellent day, week and – well – however long until I send you another missive!

Party on, dudes,


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