Photo Gallery – ALL THAT WAS TAKEN FROM US – Chapter Four

Photo Gallery accompaniment for Shane’s book

ALL THAT WAS TAKEN FROM US – A Child Migrant’s Story


Full report on Tony Pinnegar dated 22 March, 1950, just three months before the SS Maloja would sail to Australia carrying at least two of the Pinnegar brothers – 22 April, 1950 psych report

Correspondence with the Church Of England Children’s Society (formerly ‘Waifs & Strays’) dated 25th and 26th April, 1950

Full Fairbridge Society report on Tony Pinnegar, dated July 1950, but which was used to approve his travel to Australia in June of that year. This report includes a summary of psychological social worker Miss Carbery’s assessment of Tony’s fitness to emigrate in the face of damning claims by his foster parents, The Williams.

The SS Maloja and passenger lists, June 1950

Sailing routes from England to Australia, showing the route through the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal taken by the SS Maloja in 1950

Dad’s menu from his last night aboard the SS Maloja, dutifully signed by fellow passengers and crew. I still have no idea what a ‘Pineapple Linda’ is!

Molly and Ted Mitchell, photographed circa 1957. They married just five months after her boys were sent to the other side of the world.

Newspaper reports about the arrival of the SS Maloja and its cargo of children destined for Fairbridge Farm School, dated 25th and 16th June, 1950

26th June, 1950 – newspaper report about the arrival of Fairbridge children aboard the SS Maloja, featuring Tony Pinnegar (circled)

Photographers unknown except as noted; Fairbridge-related documents from Dad’s Fairbridge Farm School file, discovered at home after his death; newspaper cuttings sourced from The West Australian and Sunday Times newspapers archives



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