Shane is cooking on YouTube!

Shane is cooking on YouTube!
By Shane Pinnegar

You know I’m a chef as well as a writer, right? Right!

Well, I’ve started making some cooking videos while in isolation.

You can find them on my Chef Shane YouTube channel here –

I’ll be honest – they are decidedly lo-fi, fast n’ furious, unscripted and pretty tastefully dishevelled, much like me!

But they’re there for a reason rather than for my ego. It’s all about trying to inspire people to not feel they need to adhere exactly to a recipe. Cook what makes you happy – that’s always been my philosophy, and I hope my videos give you some inspiration to do just that. I’ll also try to make it a bit of fun along the way.

So far I’ve done turkey meatballs with a homemade, veggie-packed napolitana sauce; spaghetti aglio olio with broccolini and pecans; my healthy chicken kiev; bacon wrapped, beef stuffed jalapeno chillies and – just yesterday – I made some wonderful Sunday comfort food: Texan chicken wings, bacon-wrapped sausages and quick n’ easy guacamole!

Instinct and fun are the best things you can rely on in the kitchen. Trust your gut (the ‘little voice in your head’ telling you something needs attention), enjoy the experience, and visualize the end product and you should learn valuable lessons every time you cook. If something goes wrong and the end result isn’t perfect, you will know what to do differently next time.

Cooking is also a fantastic way to bond with your partner or offspring or parental units. Rule number one of cooking together, though, is… you can’t all be the head chef. Make sure someone is guiding the process, and the others defer to them, otherwise you’ll learn the meaning of the phrase, “too many cooks spoil the broth”!

Be careful with the sharps and the hot stuff, and go have fun. Feel free to post your own food pics on my Chef Shane pages, or request that I show you how to cook something.



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