The Phil Collins Rule

The Phil Collins Rule

Back in the days I had a hard and fast PHIL COLLINS RULE.

It was simple, really: If you hear Phil Collins come on the radio or a CD, you turned it off, asked whoever’s place you were at to turn it off, or left the vicinity until it was finished.

I still think that’s pretty bloody fair, in all honesty – ‘cos he really did peddle the most mindless pop pap, and given his prog rocker lineage and once-impressive beard, he should have known better. He even stuffed up Led Zeppelin at Live Aid by being a big pretentious show off and not rehearsing because he was too busy flying trans-continental to appear at both shows. Best we don’t even mention his “acting”… and didn’t he divorce his missus by fax? I may have made that last one up, can’t remember… but I digress.

Ooh – I did have an exception to the rule, of course – In The Air Tonight is a bit of a classic, so that gets a pass every time (doubly so if you’re watching the YouTube video with the gorilla!)

I have softened my opinion on him over the years… a bit. But then today tix for his Aussie tour went on sale – someone on Facey said the cheapest nosebleed seats were $180 bucks. Bloody hell, I thought… that’d be a waste – I’d have to walk out after paying all that money, ‘cos, y’know, The Phil Collins Rule!

He was good on Spitting Image, mind you…

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